TDS 737-700 Update files.

About this place:
These files are for updating the model files of TDS 737-700

How to update:
For updating please check the MDL file name in the Model folder
Also please read the readme file if included.

Update Info:

Version ID01 .. only EW1 model
Fixed pilot model

Version ID00

Fixed part :
1.Krueger and Slat action
2.Nose bottom DECAL texture assign
3.Floating polygons at --W1 and --EW1 model's wingview

Update file sets:

737-700 FS2004 models

MDL filename Version Date
TDS737_CFM56-7B.mdl ID00 24SEP2013
TDS737_CFM56-7B--E.mdl ID00 24SEP2013
TDS737_CFM56-7B--W1.mdl ID00 24SEP2013
TDS737_CFM56-7B--EW1.mdl ID01 06OCT2013
TDS737_CFM56-7B--W2.mdl ID00 24SEP2013
TDS737_CFM56-7B--EW2.mdl ID00 24SEP2013
TDS737_CFM56-7B--W3.mdl ID00 24SEP2013
TDS737_CFM56-7B--P1W2.mdl ID00 24SEP2013
TDS737_CFM56-7BE--P1W2.mdl ID00 24SEP2013