SkySpirit2012 777V2 files.

About this place:
These file is to update Project Opsnky777V2 light effects and others up to the date of SkySpirit2010 767V5


Model name 's top  is OS -> SSP

Sorry this server's max file size is 3MB so seperated

IG01 model ... Fixed the redNAV light not working on GE90 777-200/200ER model

IG02 model ... Fixed the Engine texture problem at VC mode  on GE90 777-200/200ER model

IG25 model ... Fixed the boggie tire start rolling when gear up.

FSX Version IF21 .. Fixed Trent800's ENG2 's Still blade was showing always.


Common parts
Panel& Texture setIF00 13JUL2012
Panel& Texture set for 777-200ER/LRIF00 13JUL2012
Panel& Texture set for 777F ONLY IF03 18JUL2012
Document and Alignment texture for cabin lights IE07 04MAY2012
For FS2004
MDL filenameVersionDate
SSP772V2_GE90.mdl IG25 17APR2013
SSP772V2_GE90--B.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_GE90--L.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_GE90--LB.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_PW4000.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_PW4000--B.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_PW4000--L.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_PW4000--LB.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_TRENT800.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_TRENT800--B.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_TRENT800--L.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772V2_TRENT800--LB.mdl IG25 18APR2013
SSP772LRV2.MDL IG25 18APR2013
SSP772LRV2--B.MDL IG25 18APR2013
SSP772LRV2--L.MDL IG25 18APR2013
SSP772LRV2--LB.MDL IG25 18APR2013
SSP772LRFV2--L.MDL IG25 18APR2013
SSP772LRFV2--LB.MDL IG25 18APR2013
SSPX772V2_GE90.mdlIF22 24MAY2013
SSPX772V2_GE90--L.mdlIF22 24MAY2013
SSPX772V2_PW4000.mdlIF22 24MAY2013
SSPX772V2_PW4000--L.mdlIF22 24MAY2013
SSPX772V2_TRENT800.mdlIF22 24MAY2013
SSPX772V2_TRENT800--L.mdlIF22 24MAY2013
SSPX772LRV2.MDL IF20 30JUL2012
SSPX772LRV2--L.MDL IF20 01AUG2012
SSPX772LRFV2--L.MDL IF20 17AUG2012

--B means top red beacon position is forward of L2 Door



Common parts
Panel& Texture setIF11 22JUL2012
Document and Alignment texture for cabin lights IF11 22JUL2012
For FS2004
MDL filenameVersionDate
SSP773V2_TRENT800.mdl IG25 19APR2013
SSP773V2_TRENT800--L.mdl IG25 19APR2013
SSP773V2_PW4000.mdl IG25 19APR2013
SSP773V2_PW4000--L.mdl IG25 19APR2013
SSP773ERV2.mdl IG25 19APR2013
SSP773ERV2--L.mdl IG25 19APR2013
SSPX773V2_TRENT800.mdl IF21 27APR2013
SSPX773V2_TRENT800--L.mdl IF21 27APR2013
SSPX773V2_PW4000.mdl IF20 01AUG2012
SSPX773V2_PW4000--L.mdl IF20 01AUG2012
SSPX773ERV2.mdl IF20 31JUL2012
SSPX773ERV2--L.mdl IF20 31JUL2012