SkySpirit2010 767V5 Update files.

About this place:
These files are for updating the model files and animation Control for the SkySpirit2010 767V5.

How to update:
For updating please check the MDL file name in the Model folder
Also please read the readme file if included.

Update Info:
Version IF10 04JAN2011 Uploaded
Fixed part :
1.At some model .. rear bulk cargo door couldn't open.
2.Even at 0volt , nose landing light can be bright when switched the landing light on.

Version IG01 26APR2011 Uploaded

Added some antenna's and DECAL area on the top of the cockpit (But won't be shown until set flag on at XML guage)

For info see

Version IG02... I forgot to fix the parts name of the pressure release door at some model so it's just a fix.

Version IG20 .. Newly fixed wingtip and  fixed inboard TE Flap lower flap 's texture assignment.

Version IH27 ..Fix for when low visible and Wing view mode and landing lights on .. flashers will be white out.

Version IH28 CF6-80A Engine wall bleed thru problem fix

Version IH51 Inboard flap guide cover hitted the flap on flap 1 to 5 action.

Update file sets:


767-200 common Fix

MDL filename Version Date
Fix for the nose gear float
also adds Aileron droop with flaps
IH28 28APR2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS762V5_CF6-80A--A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762V5_JT9D--A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OSX762V5_CF6-80A--A.MDL IH28 28APR2012
OSX762V5_JT9D--A.MDL IH27 28APR2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS762ERV5_JT9D--A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERV5_JT9D--AL.mdl IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERV5_CF6-80A--A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERV5_CF6-80A--AL.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERV5_CF6-80C--A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERV5_CF6-80C--AL.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERV5_PW4000--A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERV5_PW4000--AL.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OSX762ERV5_JT9D--A.MDL IH27 28APR2012
OSX762ERV5_JT9D--AL.MDL IH27 28APR2012
OSX762ERV5_CF6-80A--A.MDL IH28 28APR2012
OSX762ERV5_CF6-80A--AL.MDL IH28 28APR2012
OSX762ERV5_CF6-80C--A.MDL IH27 28APR2012
OSX762ERV5_CF6-80C--AL.MDL IH27 28APR2012
OSX762ERV5_PW4000--A.MDL IH27 28APR2012
OSX762ERV5_PW4000--AL.MDL IH27 28APR2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS762SFV5_CF6-80A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OSX762SFV5_CF6-80A.MDL IH28 28APR2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS762ERSFV5_CF6-80A.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OS762ERSFV5_CF6-80C--L.MDL IH51 14MAY2012




MDL filename Version Date
OSE767_CF6-80C.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OSKC767J.MDL IH51 14MAY2012
OSXE767_CF6-80C.MDL IH27 28APR2012
OSXKC767J.MDL IH27 28APR2012


767-Millitary Multiplayer use

MDL filename Version Date

KC767J Refueling boom action can be seen fromother multi player.
Use KC767J as base and replace the Model.

IH27 28APR2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS763V5_JT9D--A.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763V5_CF6-80A--A.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763V5_CF6-80C--A.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763V5_CF6-80C--AL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763V5_CF6-80C--B.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763V5_CF6-80C--BL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763V5_PW4000--BL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OSX763V5_JT9D--A.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763V5_CF6-80A--A.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763V5_CF6-80C--A.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763V5_CF6-80C--AL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763V5_CF6-80C--B.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763V5_CF6-80C--BL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763V5_PW4000--BL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS763ERV5_CF6-80C--AL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_CF6-80C--BL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_PW4000--AL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_PW4000--AL---U.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_PW4000--BL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_RB211--BL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012


OSX763ERV5_CF6-80C--AL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_CF6-80C--BL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_PW4000--AL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_PW4000--BL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_RB211--BL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012


767-300ER with Winglet

MDL filename Version Date
OS763ERV5_CF6-80C--AWL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_CF6-80C--BWL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_PW4000--AW.mdl IH51 28AUG2013
OS763ERV5_PW4000--AWL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_PW4000--BWL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763ERV5_RB211--BWL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012


OSX763ERV5_CF6-80C--AWL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_CF6-80C--BWL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_PW4000--AW.mdl IH51 28AUG2013
OSX763ERV5_PW4000--AWL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_PW4000--BWL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763ERV5_RB211--BWL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS763FV5_CF6-80C--LL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763FV5_CF6-80C--WLL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763FV5_PW4000--LL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763FV5_PW4000--WLL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OSX763FV5_CF6-80C--LL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763FV5_CF6-80C--WLL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763FV5_PW4000--LL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763FV5_PW4000--WLL.mdl IH51 19NOV2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS763BCFV5_CF6-80C--L.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OS763BCFV5_PW4000--L.mdl IH51 15MAY2012
OSX763BCFV5_CF6-80C--L.mdl IH51 19NOV2012
OSX763BCFV5_PW4000--L.mdl IH51 19NOV2012



MDL filename Version Date
OS764ERV5_CF6-80C--BL.mdl IH51 15MAY2012

Fixed right side tail

IH28 30APR2012

For people who uses Autorudder

Somepeople says Nose gear won't turn!!! but thats what the results of Auto rudder does.
See the default MS's 747 VC ... Pedals don't move when auto rudder is on "Even it says Auto rudder".
So since the nose gear steerling is drived from there can't move.

For solving this.
Replace the PkyNosegearsteerling.xml inside Panel/Posky762 or 763 or 764 folder
Then won't see a  pedel ... will see a yoke.


MDL filename Version Date
  Gear steerling code for Auto Rudder l IH27 29APR2012




Animation Control Guage Update

How to update:
Download the Update set and put the xml guage to the Panel folder/Posky763 or /Posky764 /Posky762 depends on what aircraft.

Update Info:
Version IF11 11JAN2011 Uploaded
Fixed part :
1.Droop inboard Aileron when flapdown.

2.Droop inboard Aileron and elevator and APU door close when Hydric pump is off and engines are off.

Version IF12

1.Tail rudder moves by wind

2.Stopped Low speed aileron and spoilers when Hydric pump is off and engines are off.


Animation Control Guage Update

  Version Date
Update   IF12 11JAN2011 ...2nd


Fix for FlexWing

It flexed up too much so this is the fix for that.
I made a coding miss at airspeed
Should be   (A:AIRSPEED INDICATED,knot) but I used  (A:AIRSPEED TRUE,knot) instead
so at high altitude number increased and proberly went to max flex when near max speed cruise.

For 767-100 and 767-200

For those download under and replace the XML control guages.


The guage is under panel/Posky762/ folder

For 767-300

For those download under and replace the XML control guages.

The guage is under panel/Posky763/ folder


For 767-400

For those download under and replace the XML control guages.

The guage is under panel/Posky764/ folder





Alpha Channel for fuselage
Some painter forgets to add the alpha channel on the fuselage
And shows up a block white light there.
So for updating those will upload this.
Use DXTBMP to add if missing.

Alpha Channel for Fuselage

  Version Date
Alpha_Channel_For_Fuselage of 767-300   IH27 13AUG2011